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Gyan Mudra
Gyan Mudra

Yoga Stretch
Yoga Stretch

Iyengar Yoga
Iyengar Yoga

Gyan Mudra
Gyan Mudra

About Yoga

The Divine Soul within me bows to the Divine Soul within you.

Yoga is a way of life, a life changing action, a process of transformation.

Through yoga you will find balance, harmony and growth.

You will start understanding the world in a different way.

Your thoughts will be directed towards a new dimension.

Your ideas will be clear and one idea can change your life.

Yoga Practice

What We Do

From Gentle Flow for beginners, to 'Sweat and let go', let the Mad Yogi help you to relax and renew. Various options available for beginners to intermediate, including mobile yoga in your own home.


Unleash your inner warrior by signing up to one of the Mad Yogi Ashtanga workshops. We have many options available for beginners, intermediate, and for those who just want to master their poses.


Swap the desk and surrender to the mat!

The Madelaine Page Office Yoga sessions are a perfect way to improve the health of your team, relieve tension, recharge batteries and boost employee morale.


Health & Wellbeing has become more important with the rise of Social Media. Help your pupils to relax, renew and revitalise with our kids Yoga sessions. Proven techniques that help to lower anxiety and increase concentration.

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