Do I Have To Change Who I am Because I do Yoga now?

Starting yoga doesn’t have to mean changing who you or renouncing your way of life… you don’t have to change your clothes, your music taste, the way you speak or the things that bring you joy.. if anything you will find even more space in your heart to love the things that bring you true happiness”.

Ashley Freeman (2019)

The Stereotypical Yogi

Okay, okay, we know the typical yogi stereotype, Goes to India to do their yoga teacher training, vegan (and my god don’t we know it because they don’t stop blabbing about it), Tattoos with meanings and the classic,....the hippie. I assure you this is only a small percent of the yogis out there, although we are a persistent tribe we are also a very diverse tribe and have many different interest outside the yoga world as well.

Bio ( A little info on me)

Yes, I love yoga but I also love Tupac, 50 cent, I’m a very big RnB and hip hop fan and I love pole dancing, surfing, Mojitos and Game of thrones. I’m also into strength/weight training which some people question why I practice yoga as well. The answer is I love all the things I do and I think it’s important to balance all aspects of the things I enjoy.

What Yoga will really bring to your life?

Taking up a regular yoga practice will not only benefit your physical and mental state but will also create space and awareness for the things you really love, in time your vibe will shine and will naturally learn to not associate with anything that doesn’t deserve the best you! Yoga may take up 60-90 minutes of your day but in the long run it will add more to your life, more inner peace, more healthy lifestyle and most importantly self love and this does not mean taking away any part of your awesome you! You are unique and should always shine no matter what!! This world needs authenticity and true self awareness.

Here at the mad-yogi tribe we encourage all our yogi to be true and authentic to themselves, each personality we encourage to do what they love and have passion in their practice and whatever else that is a fulfilment to their lives. To discover a whole better perspective on life, enquire now and we can start you on your yoga journey today!






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