Types of Yoga: What’s your style?

Yoga newbie look no further

Amazing you want to start your yoga journey, congratulations! Your beginning this new rejuvenating chapter of your life and your going to experience a whole new perspective on how you see thing. But wait a minute..what does Iyengar mean? Primary sequences and kundalini, sounds a bit foreign to me but don’t worry here at Madelaine Page Yoga situated in Peterborough we have got you covered we’re here to breakdown the types of yoga and which you are going to benefit from the most so you can enjoy your yoga journey from the get go.


The foundation to starting your yoga journey, Hatha is a yogi beginners best friend. If your looking for a gentle flow and just getting into grasps with your asanas and meditation, this is the perfect class for you. Hatha is the root of where yoga began and encompasses all styles of yoga and can help you build into other classes such as Ashtanga or Yin yoga. Most western classes in your area will 80% of the time will be Hatha classes, so what better time to endure and find your inner peace.


Practice or usual class time 60-90 minutes

Literally means “eight-limbed yoga”, If your looking for a class that is going to give you emphasis on physical benefits Such as strength or a leaner physic , look no further an Ashtanga class. Involving a breath synchronised movement , ‘participants´will flow rapidly through the sequence, linking one asana to the next with an inhale or exhale breath. If your looking for a weight loss yoga, this is a practice you should definitely consider, your practice will incorporate Mastering every pose and then moving onto the next sequence the ultimate physical and mental challenge.


Breath- synchronised movement

Be ready to start your day right with a vinyasa class, The class will start with a sequence of sun salutations followed by breath-synchronised movement. This class is tailored to beginners and anyone who’s been practicing yoga for a while, a great class for those who want to move away from less stiffness and more movement in their practice.

Yin Yoga

Restorative, Deepen and Stretch.

Yin yoga was designed to help practitioners go deeper than superficial muscular tissues and target the joints, ligaments, and bones through passive stretches and long posture holds. This class is perfect for people who have the active lifestyle and need to balance their mind and body, if you’re a runner, cyclist or weightlifter this class is ideal to relieve that muscle tension that’s been building and to unwind completely. Remember Yin classes are a slow mediative state so you will be holding postures between one – 20 minutes there is limited movement but the health benefits will shortly follow.

Choosing the right yoga style

Here at Madelaine Page Yoga we are here to help you chose your right yoga journey, of course we fully encourage you to try all different types of yoga to find your true essence, Whatever yoga you choose you will feel all the benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually. Many of the classes with Madelaine Page Yoga tend to mix many styles of yoga so you can get a least a taster of everything to see which you prefer.

Want to try a variety of styles from your very own home,1-2-1 or just starting out your yoga journey? We can offer many different programs tailored to your needs. Get in contact now!





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