Yogi-Lifters, Yoga and the benefits for weightlifters

Maximise Strength and Flexibility

We know them, you could be one of them. I get it, because I love lifting weights as well, I work in a gym and I know that feeling when you get a new 1RPM, the power, the inner confidence and the pump. But the question is are you actually allowing your muscles to recover efficiently and rest. The benefits of resistance training are amazing but are you aware of how it can leave you with reduced mobility and tight muscles. It is vital to have stretching and flexibility training incorporated with your resistance training as it can ensure growth and physiological adaption as well as that all important muscle mass.

Flexibility Training

Here at Madelaine Page Yoga we think many weightlifting individuals are unaware of how flexibility benefits their training, flexibility training can help improve a participants (ROM) range of movement in certain joints in their bodies. By just holding these poses and stretches for 15 to 30 seconds can already make a massive improvement on mobility and training.

Madelaine Page Yoga understands there is a lot of weightlifters who tend to neglect their stretching regularlay before and after their training, as a weightlifter are you even acknowledging which stretching you need to focus on for a certain workout? From previous a previous training session a weightlifter can be sore and tight and difficulty to perform certain tasks efficiently even the easiest like bending over to tie your shoes. Scientifically this occurs because of muscle fibres are in a shortened state. Muscle fibres at different lengths will produce different amounts of force, that’s why it is important to have a length-tension relationship of muscle fibres. On your next training session ensuring the muscle fibres are at a ideal length can effectively contract during your next training session, flexibility training on regularly will help address this.

So what better and fun way to to add yoga into your training regime, those seeking to improv e their lifting technique and athletic performance will be amazed to know that the benefits of participating in Madelaine Page Yoga will help increase flexibility, improve balance, stress relief and better posture and body control.


Yoga Postures for weightlifters

It’s that simple, participating in a yoga class or adding some yoga postures to your stretching routine can make a massive difference in your training. At Madelaine Page Yoga, we can introduce participants to certain yoga practices such as Yin (Deep Strech & Relaxation) Vinyasa (Flow and breath syncing) and even a stretch routine participants can practice until they feel fully comfortable in their own practice to perform as an individual. Madelaine Page Yoga have even placed some postures you can practice yourself which are so beneficial for weightlifters;

Downward Dog

Stretching the calf’s, hamstrings, feet and shoulders. Perfect stretch for a heavy leg day, be sure to bend the knees generously when you first starting this posture and pedal the feet to find comfort in the pose.

Upward Facing Dog

At Madelaine Page Yoga we prefer to call this one Cobra however can be referred to as Upward facing dog. This is a common abdominal stretch and targets the shoulders, chest and spine, Also ideal for weightlifters who are in hip flexion (Leg Day) squats and deadlifts. But is also great for an upper body stretch as well, madelaine page yoga tend to Include this stretch after a chest day.

Cat/Cow variation

At Madelaine Page Yoga, this stretch is so vital for everyday practice, requiring an active core engagement, this pose focuses on thoracic spinal flexión and extension and stretches the spinal stabilisers and neck. Focus on Inhaling and exhaling when alternating through flexion and extension.

Side Lunge

This pose really focuses on hip mobility, our hips are the centre of movement for our body, the healthier and less restricted your hips become, the more potential your body has for strength, power and athleticism. Poor hip mobility can contribute to issues like lower back pain and knee problems. Work on adjusting and slowly alternating between both legs.

Warrior 1

This pose is actually a series of different poses, but learning the basics can prepare us for future practice. To perform correctly make sure you stand at the top of your mat and drive your left leg back into a lunge and keep the right leg bent with the hips shifted back. This pose targets hip flexors, calf’s, quadriceps, psoas and the abdominals.


Madelaine Page Yoga know it is so important to incorporate stretching and yoga into your lifting routine, so many of us neglect it, that’s why we have specific tailored programs that can help you get the full benefit, the more knowledge you have the more you will be able to have a full effective training program. To book a yoga/stretch session or enquire about a program, contact now! Click on the picture below to take a look at our yoga for weightlifter option (under workshops & yogi beginner courses).







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